About ACL

We’re an accredited, independent and confidential mechanical laboratory that specialises in performance testing packaging and products.




Agile and efficient


Established 2017

Australian owned

International clientele

Qualified engineers

How it works

Get in contact

Or just to discuss what it is that you're trying to achieve with your product

Send instructions

And samples so we know how you'd like your product tested

We test your product

Using calibrated instrumentation and quality endorsed facilities

You get the report

And all documentation relating to the performance of your product

Optional certification

With a positive result, we can represent you or help you apply for product certification.

We love providing an excellent engineering
service that benefits our clients.

We just happen to do this by testing packaging and products.

Unlike other laboratories, we have a small team of expert engineers that are qualified, self-managed and operate with an agile working structure. By merging company roles and using a streamlined approach, we can work very quickly, flexibly and reliably for our clients.

Furthermore, our laboratory's facilities stand out from the others because we self-invest for a comprehensive service, we utilise automation where it matters and we're always optimising for continuous improvement.

All of this adds up to better customer experiences which is what we're ultimately going for!

Our promise

We believe in excellent service and engineering.

  1. We promise that our team will always report truthful, accurate test results that can be counted on;
  2. We promise to stick by our clients so they may achieve their testing benefits; and
  3. We promise to only make recommendations in our clients' best interests rather than to increase our bottom line.

Harley Donkers, BEng(Mech) (1st Class Honours)

Founder and Senior Testing Officer